How to Steal the Netflix Newifferent Marketing Strategy

Just about everyone I know uses Netflix…

So how did they become so damn successful? How did they take over the entertainment industry and become a dominant part of our culture?

Well, there’s lots of reasons. Too many to get into in one post.

However I’d like to focus on just ONE of the principles that makes Netflix so successful.

They focus heavily on the idea of NEW.

There’s a whole bunch of sales triggers in this world. One of which is releasing NEW things.

Think about all the most successful industries in the world.

Car industry – new model every year of every single car in their fleet.

Entertainment Industry – New movies every WEEK. New TV episodes every week…sometimes every day.

Sports – Each match that Liverpool plays is a NEW match. I don’t watch old matches. Few people do.

Those are just a few examples…but it exists everywhere.

Every time I launch a new product in my business I make more money. People want the new stuff. And if they’ve already bought everything you sell, then the only thing they can buy is something new.

But making new stuff isn’t always that easy or fast. (It’s a little different in my business because I tend to be able to create and launch new products in less than a week because of the methodology I’ve developed for that process.)

So if you don’t wanna make new stuff all the time then what’s the answer?

You do something called Newifferent.

That’s a word I just made up, but it’s crazy powerful if you harness it.

Newifferent is the process of making something SEEM new by simply making it different than it was.

Now here’s the coolest part…you don’t have to create new products. You just have to rotate your sales mechanisms.

This cuts down your workload by about 90% and should increase revenue by around 25% to 50%.

How? Because you’re creating new points of exposure to your audience through your Newifferent marketing.

I can’t give you the whole shebang here because I’m reserving that for a special training. But, I can give you a little insight into how this works…

Next time you login to Netflix I want you to notice something…

On your home screen there are a bunch of images of different shows and movies. Those images used to always be the same.

Batman: The Dark Knight had the same cover image every time you looked at it no matter what.

Now they’re showing different images for different shows. They’re ROTATING the images. As a by-product of that, they’re giving you multiple different images to click on.

Some might appeal to you. Some might not.

The goal isn’t necessarily to split test to the best image. It’s to simply show you DIFFERENT (read: Newifferent) images in hopes that ONE of them will resonate with you.

Pretty cool stuff.

Ok, this was a long post…but hopefully it changed the way you think about selling.

Talk soon,
Ian “Newifferent” Stanley

A great way to take an old product and make it Newifferent is to create a fun and interesting story around it.

I’ve used this method over the past few years to sell over $100,000,000 worth of stuff online. You can too using a simple formula, click below to check it out:

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