Improve Your Copywriting With This Simple Tip

Hey, this is a quick message from Your Hand…

My friend Ian let me write this to you. I know that sounds a bit weird but I have something I really need to tell you…

Did you know that you can use me in a specific way each morning that could dramatically change your life?

And if you’re one of those dirty-minded folk, it’s NOT what you’re thinking. I want you to use me…but not like THAT.

So what do I want you to do?

I want you to get out of bed. Make your coffee. Maybe connect with my master “The Brain” for a few minutes of meditation time. Then reach for a pen and a pad of paper…and WRITE.

But I don’t want you to write just “anything.”

I want you to use me to copy down the best sales letters of all time. Sales letters that made millions or more. Emails that pull in money every time they get sent out. Copy the writing of GREAT writers.

Now you may be thinking: “Hey hand, why do you care about copywriting or making cheddar? It’s not like the munnies I’ll make from this will benefit you.”

Well first off, if you can afford to get a manicure, then it will benefit me.

Second, I have something I need to tell you that I doubt you’ve ever heard before.

See, I grow the brain. That’s one of my most useful characteristics.

The more you use me, the more your brain activates. (Aka you = smarter.)

But you have to use me in a SPECIFIC way. I want to write in cursive. I want you to write neatly. I want you to write without lined paper.

Now I can hear you screaming:


First off, shut up before I slap you.

Second, here’s the lesson for you hater.

When I write stuff down with a pen and paper I ENCODE information. And I train your subconscious and unconscious mind to pick up on the patterns and principles of whatever I’m writing.

And when I write in cursive, I make more movements…which means more neurons are firing.

Take the letter “b” for instance.

When you “print” the letter b, it’s only two strokes.

When you write it in cursive, it’s four strokes. That means twice the brain power. Now apply that to every letter in the alphabet and you’ll start to realize why I like cursive. And why Master Brain likes it too.

Ok, I’m getting tired. This whole typing thing is NOT what I was designed for.

But before I go I want to tell you about a simple copywriting formula that my friend Ian Stanley’s used to sell over $100 million worth of products online:

So move me over your mouse or trackpad. Then press me down on that blue box above this line to get the C + A + V + E x FIA formula and start making us more money.

Ok cool, glad we had a chance to talk.

See ya soon,

Your Hand

P.S. That friend, Ian Stanley, actually used his hands in this exact same way I’m showing you. It’s how he went from living in a mobile home next to a toothless woman named Ape, to making more dollar bills than he ever thought possible.

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