How to Make Your Email Marketing Stand Out


What you’re about to read will make me sound like an arrogant wanker.

That’s ok.

I just wanna show you what you can do when you understand how to do email differently than everyone else.

My buddy Kevin Rogers, who runs Copy Chief and trained under John Carlton, sent me this picture:

It was the best email of his entire launch…and it was the best launch he’s ever done.

Then he said this:

“Friday night, in the middle of a heated launch… Ian tells me this brilliant idea for an email he thinks we should send.

Something unlike anything we’ve ever sent to our list before.

Not gonna lie – I was skeptical. But Ian’s emails are the only ones I read consistently, so… He dictates it to my launch manager, and it’s hitting inboxes within ten minutes.

Days later when we reviewed the stats, even though we lead the launch in conversions all week, Ian’s “on the fly email” outperformed every other email we sent during the entire launch.

If you want to show up big in email and make damn sure your stuff gets read and acted on, you can’t do any better than Ian Stanley.”

Kevin has been doing this for years. Yet this one dumb little email did better than any of his other emails.

It’s not cuz I’m better than him. It’s because I don’t focus on being better. I focus on being different.

It’s better to be different than it is to be better.

And it’s WAY easier to be different.

So here’s the deal, if you want to learn to write emails that stand out and make sales then you should check out my “C + A + V + E x FIA” formula. I’ve used this method over the past few years to sell over $100,000,000 worth of stuff online:

Talk soon,
Ian “Be different” Stanley

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