13 Affirmations to Increase Your Money Mindset EVERY Morning

During my daily money meditation I do affirmations.

Affirmations can change your life. (However, there are only 2 ways affirmations actually work…which I’ll talk about later in another blog post)

For today I want to give you a list of some of my favorite money affirmations. In my next post I’ll also elaborate on the specific things you have to do to make the affirmations work.

Here’s my list:

Every day in every way, I get richer and richer.

I am a money magnet.


Every step I take, the more money I make.


Every breath I take, the more money I make.


I am a money magnet.


Money flows to me effortlessly.


Money is attracted to me and I’m attracted to it.


Money finds me everywhere I go.

I receive unexpected checks in the mail.


I receive unexpected deposits in my bank account.


Everywhere I go, money starts to flow.


I am made of money.


I make $200,000 every single month. (Insert your monthly income goal in this statement. Imagine it’s already your reality.)

That’s a nice list to get you started.

Feel free to create your own that resonate with you. (But don’t break the golden rule of affirmations…which I’ll talk about on Monday.)

The affirmations above are part of the money meditations I teach.

If you want to get these affirmations pre recorded in a guided meditation I use, you can download my FREE Money Tree Meditation here:

I use it regularly to bring more money into my life.

In the next post I’ll talk about why affirmations only work if you do them a certain way.

Talk soon,
Ian “I love affirmations” Stanley

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